Best Luxury Resorts With Childcare and Kids Clubs For Babies and Toddlers

The Best Resorts With Kids Clubs For Toddlers 2Years Old and Younger Chic Family Travels is on a mission to find luxury family resorts that cater to children of all ages, including toddlers ages 2 and even younger! It seems like most kids clubs start at 5 years old, a select few provide for potty-trained … Continue reading

Where to go…Where to go? My 2 year old hates to fly!

Chic Family Travels had a moment of honesty and decided to cancel our European cruise this summer. You ask why? Well, because my 2 year old truly hates to fly. Yeah, he is that kid that screams 50-75% of the flight despite EXTREME efforts to make the trip fun and relaxing. My mother was joining … Continue reading