Riviera Maya- Eldorado Maroma Review

Eldorado Maroma Review: (an adult all-inclusive Karisma resort)

Eldorado Maroma Abundant Beach Beds

Let me start off by saying that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the El Dorado Maroma. However, I want to give people an informative review of what to expect when you stay there. As the saying goes, “it depends on what you are looking for.”

On our way to the El dorado, we passed some fabulous entrances and resorts (as we had to drop people off through the shuttle). Then, we arrived at the El Dorado. I was initially devasated to be honest. The resort entrance and lobby area was to say the least “understated.” It did not have anything special about it and I thought “wow, I have made a huge mistake!”
Okay, now the good part! This resort is not about the entrance or lobby. Its about the personalized service, attention. and boutique resort experience. Everyone who works at the resort is focused on making you happy and making sure your stay is enjoyable. You will see the same staff workers over and over because the resort is so small. Even better, they are all NICE and will feel like old friends after your stay. The resort is small and charming. The rooms are draped by sheers that wave in the wind and the room accommodations exceed most hotels that I have ever stayed including the Park Hyatt and Ritz Carlton. The mini-bar is stocked daily and the entire resort uses “aromatherapy” which provides an endless spa experience. I am still amazed by the wonderful smells throughout the entire resort. Its a big deal….trust me….You wil love it!
The beach beds are always open and there is abundant beach butler service. It is absolutely true that the bar offers top-shelf liquor and they will do whatever it takes to make sure your drink is just as you would have it at home. I am a bit of a club soda and vodka snob so I was more than impressed by the club soda bubbles and high-end vodka. In fact, I never felt like I was at an all-inclusive resort. Everything was top notch.
The restaurants are again “under-stated” and unimpressive from a visual perspective. However, the service was fabulous and the food was quite good for an all-inclusive resort. You will forget that the pools, restaurants and lobby area is umimpressive because the resort is so charming and you can’t help but to fall in love with the staff. You can get glitz and oversized swim up bars in lots of resorts in Playa Del Carmen at many resorts but if you want a charming, personalized and romantic experience then El Dorado Maroma is for you!
The ONLY negative comment I have is that a wedding group can totally change the experience for you. If there is a loud wedding group then it can change the vibe because the resort is so small. We had a few that were a tad annoying but nothing worth worrying too much over. We had a great time. Okay, my last comment is that the sky massages are great (many thanks to Danielwho is a huge asset to the Maroma!) but if you want an additional FABULOUS spa experience then book a Balinese massage at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba. It was amazing! The resort is also amazing but I don’t regret staying at the El Dorado Maroma because of the charming experience and value for our money. The Banyan Tree is pricey and most of the rooms are very far from the beach which is another plus at the El Dorado Maroma. EVERYTHING is close to the beach. We had a honeymoon suite which was great for privacy and views. However, the ground floor Mi Holito suites are SOOOO convenient and again very charming and well equipped. The only reason I did not want to stay in the Mi Holito suite is that there is not bath tub and I love a good bath. The swim up suites are not private at all so I would go for the infinity pool suite over the swim up suites if I had a choice.
We hope to visit the Azul beach resort with our kids soon. I am a Karisma lover ! If you want a genuine mexican vacation at charming small resort then El Dorado Maroma is for you!

Beach Front Dining at the Eldorado Maroma

An Example of what you can expect at breakfast! Yum!

Eldorado Maroma Pool-side Dining


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