New Orleans- The Royal Sonesta Review

Chic Family Travels headed to New Orleans for a dear friend’s 40th birthday bash. We usually stay at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans ,but the Royal Sonesta is much more in the “center of the action” and a better venue for the intended purpose of this getaway. AKA…party like rock stars.

Upon arrival, we realized that this definitely was not going to be comparable to the Ritz. The parking garage was unremarkable and did not boast beautiful gas lanterns and friendly valets as does the Ritz. However, the lobby area was quite beautiful. We loved the fresh flower arrangements and palatial chandeliers.

This is where the love affair with the Royal Sonesta ended. We arrived at 4pm and our room was not ready. The worst part was that they did not apologize or offer to keep our luggage. This was a tad aggravating and not the level of service we are accustomed too.

Chic Family Travels thought it would be fun to have a balcony on Bourbon street so we splurged for a room on Bourbon at  the Royal Sonesta.  Although entertaining, this proved itself to be a big mistake! The room was very dated and the balcony was not private. My husband said it perfectly when he said “we had a band in our room all night.” We would have to rate this hotel a 3.5 star due to the room. The bathroom had a lot left to be desired as well. I don’t even know how to describe it other than to say it felt more like a motel bathroom than a hotel. The hair in the tub did not help matters.

The view at night from the Royal Sonesta balcony was very entertaining and if you are going to New Orleans to party it up then I would say this is the spot to be. I won’t go into details on all of the shennanigans we witnessed from the balcony because this is a family blog, but lets just say you will see a lot!

The view from the Royal Sonesta balcony in the morning is a lot less entertaining and stinky as well.

If you choose to stay at the Royal Sonesta, do it because you want to the in the center of the action and ready to party. The hotel guests staying at the Royal Sonesta are there for that reason, so be prepared !!! I would also strongly suggest a pool suite. The rooms are MUCH nicer and open directly to the pool area. My friends who stayed in the pool suite also said it was very quiet at night.

The disparity in our room and our friend’s pool suite at the Royal Sonesta was shocking. It was as if we were staying at two different hotels. Maybe I  would have a different opinion of the Royal Sonesta if I stayed at the pool suite. It was very nice as the pictures show.

The pool area at the Royal Sonesta was also a happening spot. Again, I would not suggest this hotel for children. Although there were children at pool, I would not want mine there! This is a picture of the Royal Sonesta pool at 8am.  It looks very different later in the day 🙂

Believe it or not, I made it to the fitness center the morning after our 40th birthday bash on Bourbon! Again, I would give the hotel a 3.5 star rating for the fitness center. The equipment was dated and it was a small space with no view. In the Royal Sonesta’s defense, I don’t think many of its patrons are coming here to workout 🙂

I prefer to stay a little off Bourbon street when I stay in New Orleans, and this just was not my cup of tea. I hope that I have not been too harsh because the Royal Sonesta has its place in New Orleans and we had a great time. If you are staying here then book a pool suite and get ready to party!


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