Dear Santa, I really want a trip to Le Guanahani Resort in St Barts! Please!

Dear Santa,

I have been really good this year. I have tirelessly taken my kids to their numerous after school activities 5 days a week, I have attended church on a “much more” regular basis, and I have desparately tried to be patient with my girl’s endless fighting amongst each other. Now, its my turn!

I really really want a trip to St. Bart’s to stay at the fabulous Le Guanahani Resort. Please, Please, Please!!!

When I think of St Barts, I have visions of chic resorts, luxurious accommodations, fabulous boutiques, and esquisite dining.  However, I have never had visions of a family vacation. I have always wanted to visit St Barts, but thought that it was not in our near future due to the fact that we have 3 little ones in tow. That is, until I found the Le Guanahani Resort. From what I hear, this swank resort is not only luxurious but also family-friendly. As one travel writer described the resort, “Le Guanahani offers a great child-friendly resort experience, but manages to be elegant, romantic and effortlessly enchanting at the same time.”

Le Guanhani

In fact, the Le Guanahani Resort even offers a kids club titled “the Kindergarten” for ages 2-6.  Now, that is hard to find in any location! Since I am traveling with a little one, it sure would be nice to have a couple of quiet hours on the beach while he is having fun with the Le Guanahani kindergarten nannies.

Guanahani Resort View

2 Responses to “Dear Santa, I really want a trip to Le Guanahani Resort in St Barts! Please!”
  1. janet Martin says:

    are you thinking of Feb? Sounds great

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